1.(XSEED Program is followed)

    In G.Rio School X-Seed Program is followed upto Class 2. The XSEED Early Program uses thematic teaching to integrate concept formation and skill development in students. XSEED has been designed by Education Experts from Harvard, Cambridge, IITs & IIMs Over the last decade.

    The entire curriculum is organized around broad themes. Thematic instruction integrates basic disciplines such as reading, math and science through the exploration of a broad topic.

Students' learning in a XSEED class room is twice as effective as in a normal classroom.

2. ACTIVITY BASED LEARNING: This include material activity, oral activity and written activity.

3. PLAY WAY METHOD: This process is language skill, physical skill, constructive skill, imaginative skill, creative skill, cognitive skill and social skill.

4. SPECIAL FEATURES: Exciting expedition/ excursion, award-recognizing talent, magazine and bulletins, parent-teacher interaction, school band, parks and playground for children to explore their talents.


    Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) as per CBSE norms.

1. Classes 8 : CBSE Syllabus.

2. Classes 9 and 10: CBSE Syllabus and prescribed text-books.

3. Higher Secondary: CBSE Syllabus and prescribed text-books.


    Our school has a special class room meant for the Differently-Abled Children. Children with Learning Difficulty in developing Skills of Reading, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Spelling, Mathematics or Language are admitted to this class. Every Child having a special need can find true meaning in life by nurturing his/her potential with the proper inputs provided to him or her.

    The motivation and hard work of two Specially Trained Teachers of our school covertly this Class room into a better Learning Place for them.


    Mindspark is an internet-based self-learning solution that supports classroom instructions. The solution allows each student of the school to learn with understanding at his/her own pace. Mindspark ensures each student progress in the basis of true understanding through enquiry-based learning and granular questions. It provides detailed explanation each time a student answers as question. Instant feed back and explanations ensures deeper understanding among students. The students can login from anywhere for upto 90 minutes a day. They can work on it in school or at home.

    G.R.S has registered with the Educational initiatives to provide students of the school with access to Mindspark.