Admission to various classes in G.Rio school is made through one of the following procedures:

  • First Come, First Served.
  • Through Direct Interview.
  • Through an Entrance Test.


    Admission to Elementary Classes (Class Nursery to Class 7) shall be on the basis of first come first. There shall be no entrance exam for them.


  • A child who is above three (3) years is admissible in Class NURSERY; and four (4) years in the case of Class A.
  • Date of interview will be informed to the parents through telephonic communication/SMS facility.
  • Name of the selected students will be published on the school Notice Board..
  • A Birth Certificate obtained from the concerned Department/ Authority to be produced. This certificate shall be the base of all records of the pupil. Therefore, due care should be given while making it. Correction or change of any particulars in the Birth Certificates shall not be allowed once admitted in G.R.S.
  • To submit one (1) copies of recently-taken passport-size photograph with the form.


  • Admission forms will be issued to intending candidates from 1st September.
  • Parent(s) should bring the child to the School during the time of interview.
  • Candidates are requested to produce the cumulative record/ final report card at the time of admission.

 CLASS 9  

    Admission to Class 9 shall be done only through an Entrance Examination conducted by the school.

Admission forms will be issued from 1st September.
A photocopy of the First and Second Quarterly Assessment folder to be attached to the Form.

Test will be held for:

a) English grammar & Composition (30 marks).
b) Mathematics (30 marks)
c) Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.

The Final Report Card should be submitted at the time of admission


    Overseas students are given admission upto Class 9 level only. They need not appear Entrance Exam. They should furnish the On-Line application form and send it to the PRINCIPAL along with the following items through E-mail before 15th January.

  • Birth Certificate (Photocopy)
  • Mark Sheet (Photocopy)
  • Recently- taken passport-size photograph.
  • Interview will be held for them one day before the re-opening of the school. Only the selected students will be called for interview.


  • To seek prior permission from NBSE/CBSE for admission in Class 9.
  • To seek prior permission from SCERT for admission in Class 8 and below.
  • In addition to a valid Passport and Visa, student must obtain Protected Area Permit (PAP) from the Home Department in order to stay in Nagaland.
  • Fees are to be paid in Indian Rupees only as mentioned in the fee structure.

 CLASSES 10 & 12 

   Admission is open only for the candidate whose parents are transferred to Kohima.

   A photocopy of the transfer order should be attached to the form.

 CLASS 11 Arts & Science  

The Candidates who secured 60% and above in Mathematics and Science (for Science Stream) and 60% in English and Social Science (for Arts Stream) are eligible for Interview.

TOPPERS 1 to 20th Rank   

  Admission Fee : 50% discount on Admission and Monthly Fees.

Note:- The student must maintain the grades even in the 2nd year failing which the concession will be revoked.