Message from our Chairman

    As we continue to build upon our cherished dream of providing a high standard educational institute, it is a matter of joy and satisfaction to observe the progress and achievement of G.Rio School. The most significant stride being the up-gradation of the School to Higher Secondary level. With the opening of new vistas in the Arts and Science streams, many students will get the opportunity to pursue higher studies in their home turf from the hands of capable and experienced educationist.


Imparting quality education has always been the priority at G.Rio School, while at the same time catering to the Spiritual and Moral well-being of our students, because we believe that every child is special and wholesome development of a child is imperative to producing a robust nation.

I take this privilege to congratulate the staff, faculty and students of G.Rio School for all round success. The music and sports departments deserve special mention for their outstanding performance. We wish you well and thank you for doing us proud.

As we move forward in every field, my best wishes to all at G.Rio School in your dedicated endeavor to "Grow and Shine."