Welcome from the Managing Director

     Welcome to G.Rio School. This is co-educational residential school. The motto "Grow & Shine" was chosen by the children of Guolhoulie Rio and it has inspired us to promote wholesome learning that will elevate all sections of people irrespective of their birth, color, and faith. As a school based on Christian principles, living Christian values are fundamental to the way in which the school builds and transmits knowledge to its students. Our mission is to provide an enduring legacy of qualitative and affordable education in Nagaland.


    We value the individual and understand that our role is to provide an environment in which the intellectual, spiritual and personal needs of our students can be catered to in our academic, co-curricula and pastoral program. We believe that the importance of family support in the development of each student is essential and cannot be substituted. Therefore, we encourage a good tripartite relationship between school, student and parents. We are justifiably proud of our students who come into the school as young impressionable children and leave as confident young people with aspirations to undertake further studies and make their mark upon society.

    The following pages should tell you all you need to know about the school but if your require any further information, please do not hesitate to contat us. Welcome to GRS, the school that ensures that her students acquire the best education in a conducive, fair, competitive and dynamic atmosphere! Welcome to GRS, the school which aims to prepare students not only for graduation but for the rest of their life!! Welcome to GRS, the school which moulds a person to "Grow & Shine."