Hostel Guidelines



Are allowed to visit their wards

Once in 3 months

i.e. 2nd Saturdays of

May, August & November


            The residence hall is a “home away from home” that provides good boarding facilities for its students. But for the home to function smoothly the following rules are laid down.


  1. Dorm Parents are in charge of the hostel affairs. Therefore any matter relating to the hostel should be referred to the Dorm Parent.
  2. It is mandatory that, once admitted as boarder, he/she must complete the stay for a full academic session failing which, T.C. will be issued from the school as well.
  3. Caution money will be refunded only on completion of an Academic Year.
  4. Boarders are not allowed to entertain guests/parents in their room.
  5. Visitors, Boarders & Day scholars are not allowed to visit the hostels of the opposite gender without permission.
  6. The furniture in the room must be properly handled, in case of any damage the student must pay/replace for the same.
  7. Boarders have to keep the hostel & the surrounding clean, frequent inspection is done by the Dorm Parent.
  8. Boarders are required to be in their respective rooms by 9:00 P.M.
  9. Any boarder who intend to be absent from the hostel overnight for valid reason must obtain prior permission from the Dorm Parent.
  10. Boarders are expected to put on full-uniform while going or coming back to Hostel.
  11. Parent/Guardian are not allowed to visit the ward during school hours without prior information/permission.
  12. Besides ‘Visiting Day’ no Parent/Guardian are permitted to visit their Children/Ward unless it is an emergency.
  13. A Boarder is allowed to keep only one medium size trunk in the hostel. Trolley, suitcases etc. are not at all allowed.
  14. Phone calls from Parent/Guardian will be entertained only on weekends from 01:00 P.M. - 05:00 P.M. Please do not make any call on weekdays if it is not some emergency.
  15. The Parent/Guardian must accompany the boarder every time he/she leaves or returns to the hostel. Interaction will not be done with the drivers.
  16. Boarders are not allowed to keep any Money, Electronic Appliances, Mobile Phones, IPods, Pen drives, Mp3 Players, etc. If caught it will not be returned and a sum of Rs. 500 will be produced.
  17. Every Boarder must stitch his/her name and hostel number, on all their clothes including inner wears, for identification.


  1. No one will be allowed to enter the kitchen.
  2. The use of mess properties, food stuff for private consumption is strictly prohibited.
  3. No boarder should enter the mess-hall before time.
  4. Food will be kept for latecomers for half an hour.
  5. Every boarder is expected to come decently dressed to the mess hall.
  6. Students should say “Grace” together before the meal.
  7. Mess fee will not be refunded except in the case of hospitalization for a week or more.
  8. A boarder may be provided with a special diet on prescription by a doctor. But any prolonged practice cannot be entertained.
  9. Parents or Visitors are provided with food and lodging on payment of Rs. 500 per day.

(Subject to availability of vacant guest room)