Music Department


    Music Department

A Place to start your musical education & a place to realize your musical dreams. G. Rio School, Music department offers an environment where individualised music lessons are student focused and aimed towards developing the best in each student. Numerous platforms are provided in an academic setting where talents can be celebrated and progress measured. 

       This is truly a journey that each student will remember.

       We offer musical instruction in the following:


     Piano, Violin, Guitar and Drum. We offer private individualized lessons on the mentioned instruments for anyone interested. 


    G. Rio School has a number of Choirs categorized into 2(two) levels. Students are required to be part of the school choir to give them opportunity to make music in a group level and also learn basic performance techniques for performing in school functions.

 Voice Classes 

    For those who want to pursue singing more seriously there are slots for vocal lesson.

About Trinity London:  

    Trinity College London is a leading international examinations board with a difference. It's reputation rests on its' continuing ability to provide respected qualifications both in the English language and across a growing range of disciplines in the performing arts. The exams and assessments are designed to help students and trainees progress to mark an achievement at each stage of their development, and at all levels of competence, on a journey towards fulfillment of their individual talents and abilities. 

    Through Trinity Guildhall there is an added focus on the performing arts in music and drama, and now provide an enhanced range of syllabuses and local services to teachers, tailored to allow flexible styles of learning and teaching. The emphasis is an overall performance rather than a prescriptive formula. 

      The curriculum is designed to encourage and motivate all opportunity to achieve their personal, vocational and professional goals. 

 Music Student's Guidelines & Policies: 

        We request all parents and students to be aware of the Music Department guidelines and policies for students.

1. Students must attend their classes/lesson at scheduled time. Students who arrive late for lesson will not be given extra time beyond the schedule.

2. Students who are absent for two or more classes without prior information must produce hand written leave letter from their parents or else they will be penalised.

3. Students are encouraged to appear grade exams for which separate fees is to be paid. 

4. The school reserves the right to change a teacher assigned to a student, at any point of time, if found necessary. 

5. Students attending instrumental music classes are taught individually by the teachers. 

6. The day and time for instrumental music classes are mutually arranged and made convenient to the teachers and the students. 

7. Classes/lessons missed due to the fault of the student will not be re-taught. If a teacher is unable to attend the class alternate arrangement will be made or a deputy teacher may be appointed. 

8. Students cannot withdraw from tuition, once enrolled for the session, and fees will not be refunded if a student cancels lesson during the term.