The School has a resident nurse during the school hours and a doctors who is available on call. A Health Card for every student is maintained in the clinic. For any serious problem the patient is taken to a reputed hospital. Periodical health check-up is done on the student to keep them fit for studies.


    We at G.Rio School understand the importance of recreation and the impact it has on a child's all-round development. Keeping that in mind, we have two outdoor play parks complete with swings, slides, tube slides, etc. Provision has been made for indoor games as well, including basketball, table tennis and an indoor playroom for the primary section. Our theater facility emphasizes the importance of education in a recreational forum. The students are shown educational documentaries, movies, and moral value education videos to create awareness and to ignite our students' capabilities and knowledge even more.


    The games and sports activities help the students train physically and develop in them a spirit of true sportsmanship. The school has a football field, a basketball court and a volleyball court. Football and basketball are the official life games of the school. Special coaching is also given for archery, taekwondo, football, and basketball.


    Students are encouraged to participate in Literary activities such as debate, extempore speech, elocution, recitation, reading, painting, dance, muscle and quiz.Special periods are arranged to develop and promote these skills and potentialities.


    It is our endeavor to help our students acquire a manual skill and promote an appreciation for dignity of labor. G.Rio School offers a wide array of socially useful productive work (S.U.P.W) skills. These include paper craft, basket making, stitching/knitting, soft-toy making, painting/artwork, food preservation and flower making. Students have the option to choose anyone skill for the entire year. Graded S.U.P.W/W.E Classes are held twice every month, with sufficient time allotted so that students can tap into and explore their creativity and imagination.


    Students of G.R.S have many opportunities for growth at spiritual, intellectual and social levels. This growth takes place as students participate in the community life of the school in group worship, personal prayer, game, drama and competition.As a Christian Institution we believe in the integration of work and worship for a healthy development.

    Daily devotions are held in the school helping students to inculcated the habit of daily prayer, praise and worship. Every student is given an opportunity to take part in leading, reading the Bible, singing and sharing in the chapel service. Devotional service is held on Sundays for the hostelers and the Staff.


    The growth of an individual lies primarily in the spiritual development of that person. With this intent, the school incorporates several spiritual activities within the school and outside. Teens Meet is held for students of Classes 5 to 8 and Retreat for students of Classes 9 to 10, simultaneously, on the same day in the month of February every year.


    Students are taken to places like Hospitals, Orphanage, Old age Home and Prison to meet people in real life situation. These trips inculcate pity, mercy, and compassion in their young minds.


    Students seeking help of any kind are offered counseling and guidance by the school Managing Director and the school Chaplain. Students can meet the school chaplain at any time of the week and the Managing Director in her office on Friday afternoons.


    Educational is a triangular effort of teacher, student and parents. In order to improve the quality of learning, parents, and teachers must be in constant touch with each other, develop mutual trust, respect, and friendship. GRS holds Parents-Teachers meet, twice a year, for interaction and open discussion to held the students, excel in the academic activities. The child's potential, weaknesses and problems etc. are shared and evaluated by them. The contact and co-operation of the parents help the class teacher to know the social, cultural background of every child in order to stimulate better learning.


    G.R.S has an active student government. The student organization democratically elected by students and staff of the school, serves primarily to integrate all phases of extracurricular life of the student body.