It is my great pleasure to share with you the joy and achievement of our outstanding school performance in the field of Hygienic and Infrastructure.

National School Award is the biggest awards in education sector till date. This platform is meant to standardize every school of each state for their best practices which are making the India’s future at National Level. NSA rank the schools according to their best practices to develop young minds of the nation, so that our future generations can survive this competitive world.

NSA is giving the recognition in different categorize in which schools are putting their best efforts to promote overall educational standards of India.

G Rio School has been awarded National Award in two categories which was held on 25th August 2018 at New Delhi as:-

  1. Best Infrastructure of the year
  2.  Best Hygienic School

Our gratitude goes to the Geereeans, parents, and well-wishers for the concerted efforts in enhancing the overall development of the school here today, for your constant cooperation and maintaining hygienic environment.

The Awards fully demonstrate how the school have excels in both academic and non-academic achievements resulting duly recognition at National Level.

Finally, let’s build a better tomorrow as we strike for “Grow and Shine”




Managing Director